CPG offers two great levels of membership.
Free Membership
Our free membership is open to anyone over the age of 13 free of charge, and includes the following benefits:
- 2 free classified listings in rotation on CPG Classifieds
- Access to auction bidding
- Tracking of up to 50 issues in the CPG Online Collection Tracker
- And as always, free searching of over 140,000 individual issues with values!
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Premium Membership
Note: You must be 18 years or older to sign-up for the PREMIUM membership.
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Everyone knows ComicspPriceGuide.com is the web's number 1 source for the latest prices and values for over 1950 publishers, 24,000 titles and over 350,000 books. However most people do not realize the added value of a premium membership: for as little as $3.75 a month you can have access to:
  • My Collection
  • Collection Value
  • Catalog your physical collection with virtual long boxes.
  • CGC discount-10%
  • Classifieds
  • Auctions
  • Community participation- Upload images, book reviews
  • Want list/Convention List
  • Amazing Spiderman #1, ok, no Amazing Spiderman #1 just making sure you were paying attention.
  • Top 10 reasons to have a CPG membership

  • Membership allows you to have constantly updated values on your entire comic book collection.

  • You can list a valuable dollar book for sale with no commission.

  • Special offers that are ONLY given to premium members.

  • Keep a complete comprehensive list of your comics inventoried.

  • 10 free listings in the classified area. Did I mention that it's FREE?

  • You get additional discounts on new comic book orders that free members don't.

  • It will only take a minute to sign up as a premium member. Think about it, a mere 60 seconds that could bring a lifetime of comic book joy and happiness. It is the perfect gift for the comic book geek who has everything. So think up a witty login name, like metroboybryan or hot4storm, grab your long boxes and let the games begin.

    My Collection

    As a premium member you can add you entire collection into the comicspriceguide database, whether that's one issue or 10,000 issues. Adding your entire collection into the database is super duper easy and gives you an awesome flexibility. (and makes you popular and handsome too)

    1. Sign in to your CPG account
    2. Search by keyword like "Incredible Hulk"
    3. Chose which "Incredible Hulk" you're looking for. (Currently, there are 35 choices.)
    4. Click on the boxes on the left hand side of the page for the issues you want to add.
    5. Go to the top of the page and click the green button "Add to Collection".

    Poof! You're finished. I added 43 issues of Incredible Hulk volume 3 to my collection in under 60 seconds. It really is that easy. If you suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder (Did I lock the front door? Let me check it again.) you can verify that all those issues were added to your collection by pressing the blue "view collection" button. From there you can easily do all kinds of things, "add issues", "sell issues", "remove issues", "box issues", "change condition" or "print title".

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    Collection Value

    We will admit that there might be a comic book organizational software that mimics our database; but, what they cannot do is update your comic book values DAILY. What good is an organized collection if it isn't accurate? Comicspriceguide uses that whole internet thing with the constant flow of information and makes all other guides and software obsolete. Whether you're a speculator or a die hard fanboy you want your comic book values to be accurate and current. With our collection values you can see exactly what's going up and what's destined for the quarter bin.

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    Virtual long boxes

    This feature allows you to keep track of your collection's physical location in virtual long boxes. This option is especially helpful when you're looking for a specific issue. You no longer have to dig through 3 long boxes looking for one issue. Let's suppose you are trying to find what real world long box holds Detective 797. You don't remember if it's filed under B for Batman, D for Detective or W for War Games. Check your virtual long box on CPG and go to the correct box the first time. Since the CPG database includes over 350,000 titles, the hard part is already done. It takes just a couple of minutes to catalog an entire long box. No more tedious, unfulfilling nights typing the publisher, title, issue, etc. You can have unfulfilling nights doing something else. Here's a step by step to walk you through it.

    1. Sign in to your CPG account.
    2. Go to "my collection"
    3. Click on the publisher (Gold Key, Marvel) of the title you're adding, then on the title (Banana Splits, Excaliber) itself.
    4. Check the box beside each issue you want to add and press the "box issues" button.
    5. You will now have the option to add the selected issues in a "new box" or an existing box. Believe it or not the first box that you create will be box #1, then #2 and so on. Logical huh?
    6. Click the "Add" button and you're done.

    You will automatically be taken back to the title you just added. You'll notice that a box number now appears beside that issue you added. If you click on that number it will show you everything that's in that virtual long box. We even give you the option to print that list if you want a hard copy.

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    CGC discount-10%

    When you have a premium membership with ComicsPriceGuide.com the benefits extend to other sites as well. If you submit your comic books online you'll receive a 10% discount from Comics Guaranty, LLC or CGC. CGC is the industry standard for third party grading. On the CPG main page, you will notice the CGC banner on the right hand side. Click on that link and it will take you to the online submission form. Follow the easy to use instructions, save a little cash, and have an accurately graded comic. Life is good.

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    You know how to sell a single issue from the "My collection" discussion above. But, instead of a single issue let's suppose you have an entire collection or a run of comics to sell, this is the place. Maybe you got some extra greenbacks and you want to buy a collection, this is the place. Perhaps you've gotten ambitious and started your very own comic book website and you need to advertise, this is the place. As a premium member you can place 10 FREE classified ads in front of thousands of viewer.

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    Community participation

    This is a unique feature that is unlike any other website. We give you the opportunity to truly be involved. Those days of being anonymous on websites is gone, we want you to be a part of a website community. Why not be involved in a community with similar interests that you helped shape and mold? Our premium members can upload cover images. So your favorite title, no matter how obscure is represented. Because our premium members suggested it we added the ability to review your favorite comic, new or old. This means that you can review your favorite book and thousands of people will read it. If you're a creative writer this is a great way to show your style. Maybe you're an independent thinker, now you can give your unique take and entertain the masses. This is a comic book world that you can help shape.

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    Want list

    The want list feature is very similar to the My Collection feature. In fact, it's exactly the same until you get to last step. Instead of clicking the green "Add to Collection" button you click the red "Add to Want List" button. Here are step by step instructions to show you how easy it is.

    1 Sign in to your CPG account
    2 Search by keyword like "Incredible Hulk"
    3 Chose which "Incredible Hulk" you're looking for. (Currently, there are 35 choices.)
    4 Click on the boxes on the left hand side of the page for the issues you want to add.
    5 Go to the top of the page and click the red button "Add to Want List".

    A blue-bordered box will appear and tell you exactly how many issues you added. You're finished. Now your want list is accessible from anywhere. No longer do you have to carry around a tattered list in your wallet. Gone are the days of losing your want list and spending all that time to remake it. If you want a paper copy simply reprint it, no problem. There is another amazing feature to the want list option. After you've added a comic book you can check to see if anyone is selling that particular issue with the click of one button, the appropriately named "Is anyone selling any of these?" button. Sure it's great to have a high tech want list but it's even better to have a finished want list.

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    In store exclusives offers

    Our premium members pay all the expenses of running a massive database, overhead, staff costs and we want to show our appreciation. So we offer unadvertised book specials, autographed comics, unique stuff, exclusives, to our premium members. If you aren't a premium member you will never hear about this, it will not be advertised anywhere. Since a thank you card is so…not our style. This is our way to say "thanks"

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